Audio Reveals PA Rep. Calling White Constituents 'Racist'

Posted: Jan 30, 2020 12:30 PM
Audio Reveals PA Rep. Calling White Constituents 'Racist'

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Socialism as a whole is unpopular in Pennsylvania, which has historically been supportive of blue-collar, union-friendly Democratic candidates. However, some lawmakers in urban districts still self-identify as socialists.

Rep. Sara Innamorato (D-Allegheny) is a self-proclaimed socialist and ally of Sen. Bernie Sanders. Audio from 2018 reveals what Rep. Innamorato truly thinks about her constituents. Innamorato represents a majority white, working class district; Innamorato apparently thinks that her own constituents are to blame for the rise of racism:

“I just look at my district, right? And it’s 93 percent white. My district, which I know is like white working class, poor folk, who are racist, because it’s so much easier for them to look to their side and say, ‘I’m going to blame that person,'” Innamorato said.

After facing rightful backlash, Rep. Innamorato walked her comments back:

“This was the topic of a nearly two-hour-long conversation about race and politics on the podcast, and in no way did I seek to imply that all of my neighbors are racist…” she said in a statement following the backlash.

Rep. Innamorato is another politician on the growing list of problematic progressives which Sen. Bernie Sanders has aligned himself with:

Rep. Innamorato’s rhetoric toward hard working Americans in her district is despicable, but it also highlights a severe disconnect between the far-left and working-class Americans. Identity politics are not of interest to these Americans, and the working-class are largely responsible for electing President Trump. 

Working-class and blue-collar voters rejected this elitist rhetoric and far-left policies that devastate the economy at the ballot box in 2016, but radical Democrats have not yet learned what Americans truly care about.