Sanders Falls Victim to the 'Believe all Women' Farce

Posted: Jan 15, 2020 3:30 PM
Sanders Falls Victim to the 'Believe all Women' Farce

Source: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Sens. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) have engaged in a standoff over allegations of misogyny this week, and were confronted by last night’s debate moderators. CNN and The New York Times reported an uncorroborated story on Monday that cited a 2018 meeting between the progressive duo, in which Sen. Sanders allegedly told Sen. Warren that a woman could not win the White House.

After running with the unconfirmed story before the debate, last night’s debate moderators blatantly pushed the story as fact. CNN made it clear whose side the network was on by affirming Sen. Warren’s accusation as fact even after Sen. Sanders categorically denied this baseless claim.

Sen. Sanders is now the victim of a toxic trend that is a favorite of the left: the “believe all women” facade. This social media movement caught wind shortly after the #MeToo movement launched; it saw a major momentum bump during the confirmation hearings for Justice Brett Kavanaugh. If Democrats had their way, due process would have been completely disregarded and Dr. Ford’s claims would have been believed as fact, and a well-qualified jurist would have been forced to withdraw his nomination, on account of ‘believing women’ no matter what. This concept of believing accusations simply on the condition that the claims are brought forward by a woman is problematic, to say the least, and certainly not consistent with the American judicial system. 

Sen. Sanders is receiving the same treatment by mainstream outlets and the woke feminist crowd on Twitter. There is no real evidence that Sen. Sanders would have said such a misogynistic remark, to a female colleague no less. Alas, CNN moderators showed blatant bias during last night’s debate, asking Sen. Warren ‘how she felt’ when Sen. Sanders told her that a woman could not win the presidency, after simply asking Sen. Sanders if the allegations were true. 

The appropriate way to address these allegations on a debate stage would have been to ask the senators the same version of the question, allowing Sens. Sanders and Warren to defend themselves. 

An unconfirmed story, encompassed by an allegation of this stature, should never be framed as fact; rather than remaining objective and fair to both parties, CNN decided to accept the allegations from Sen. Warren with no regard for corroboration.