Far-Left Group Releases List of SCOTUS Names with Minimal Judicial Experience

Posted: Oct 18, 2019 5:45 PM
Far-Left Group Releases List of SCOTUS Names with Minimal Judicial Experience

Source: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Ahead of the fourth Democratic primary debate, far-left interest group Demand Justice released a list of 32 potential nominees for the Supreme Court as suggestions to the primary contenders. The group, headed by Hillary Clinton’s campaign press secretary Brian Fallon, aims to stop President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConell’s legendary reshaping of the federal judiciary system. 

Demand Justice’s list of endorsed nominees for the highest court includes few with actual judicial experience, but many far-left activists. Out of the 32 names on the group’s list, only eight have judicial experience on their resume. Although alarming, this is not entirely surprising coming from a far-left group. President Trump and Leader McConnell have broken every record on the books for judicial confirmations, including putting two well-qualified jurists on the Supreme Court. The federal court system is finally returning to normalcy, with the rule of law as priority once again. 

During the 2016 GOP primary, then-candidate Donald Trump famously released a list of names he would consider for a Supreme Court vacancy; this had yet to be done in a contested presidential primary. His list included appeals court judges, state supreme court justices and federal circuit court judges; with the exception of Senator Mike Lee (R, UT), all of the names on Trump’s list had tangible judicial experience.

President Trump has proved to the American people, although many conservatives had reservations, that he will exclusively nominate well-qualified jurists to the courts, based on their judicial philosophy. This list released by Demand Justice proves that Democrats want to nominate activists who will obey their radical agenda and legislate from the bench, rather than obey the rule of law.

Demand Justice hopes that primary contenders will endorse potential SCOTUS nominees from this list, but President Trump’s judicial overhaul is popular among voters. The 2018 midterm elections, although they brought Democratic victories in the House of Representatives, proved that the Kavanaugh smear process mattered to voters. Every Democratic senator who faced a contested re-election fight, who also voted against the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh, lost their re-election bid. Democratic primary contenders would be smart to remember this.