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In today’s edition of the Left’s internal contradictions, an op-ed was published on arguing that "the future is non-binary." This headline, published by a left-wing website, mocked and countered the popular slogan "the future is female" commonly used by the left to promote female empowerment.


The author argued that although she herself identifies as a biological female, the feminist slogan ‘the future is female’ impedes on the potential of individuals who identify as non-binary to feel included.

“But identity is never clear or automatic….I know it’s supposed to be a forward-looking slogan that envisions a time where all women are given our due in politics and culture...But the statement reinforces some very backward ideologies….Whiteness, binaries, and oppression go together. Black-white, male-female, gay-straight: The list goes on and on,” the op-ed reads.

The author went on to spout the Left’s radically unchecked ‘science,’ including the unoriginal attempt to frame sex as non-biological, a claim that is inconsistent with science.

“Women who have only one chromosome, a single X, aren’t any less 'female' or 'woman' than I am. Neither do people with the XY combo have to be 'female' or subscribe to any gender,” the article continued. 


This article is far from unique, the Left has previously attempted to hijack sex from a biological standpoint, and claims it to be a social construct. This social movement is now going as far as to attack the popular ‘the future is female’ slogan, coined by left-wing feminists; even such a sentiment is not progressive or inclusive enough, it seems.

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