Report: Planned Parenthood Covers Up Sex Abuse of Minors

Posted: May 31, 2018 11:30 AM
Report: Planned Parenthood Covers Up Sex Abuse of Minors

Planned Parenthood once again finds itself under fire after a report was released showing that the ‘women’s health’ clinic performed abortions on young girls who had been sexually abused by family members, and then failed to report these crimes. Instead of taking a harsh stance against sexual abuse, Planned Parenthood sent these girls back home to the abusive arms of the family members who perpetrated sex crimes without law enforcement having any knowledge.

This blatant lack of action comes from the organization that not only claims to champion women and sexual assault victims, but also one of the strongest voices in the TimesUPand #MeToo movements. Planned Parenthood repeatedly tells everyone to #TrustWomen who report sexual assault and abuse, but turned a blind eye to girls as young as 12 and 13 years old who confided in Planned Parenthood workers about abuse instances.

These new reports are not the singular offenses of Planned Parenthood’s complicity in sexual abuse, the organization has been caught covering up child sexual abuse cases previously.

Avideo from Live Action shows testimony from former Planned Parenthood employees about abuse cover-up. Catharine Adair, a former Planned Parenthood employee, confirmed her experience with abuse cover up, citing cases of young girls who entered the Planned Parenthood location alongside their abusers. Rather than reporting the multitude of child sexual abuse cases, Planned Parenthood workers snubbed the victims, claiming that they were ‘better off with the abortion,’ as opposed to following the law and reporting the abuse cases. Sue Thayer, formerly a manager at Planned Parenthood, even claimed that abuse cover-up was encouraged by Planned Parenthood officials.

The Left can never seem to condemn the repeated, disgusting behavior from their favorite campaign fundraiser, Planned Parenthood. Although the Democratic Party is the self-proclaimed party of women, and supposed advocates for sexual assault and abuse victims, Democrats cannot even seem to call out Planned Parenthood for its complicity in abuse. From selling fetal tissue to sex-selective abortions, and now, covering up sexual abuse, the Left’s deafening silence on Planned Parenthood’s multitude of scandals involving a complete disregard for human life is ear-splitting.