Biggest GA-06 Loser: Planned Parenthood

Posted: Jun 21, 2017 12:30 PM
Biggest GA-06 Loser: Planned Parenthood

Last night’s special election in Georgia’s 6th district was highly contested between Republican Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff, named the most expensive congressional race in history. For the Democrats, this effort to flip the historically Republican district was a desperate attempt to make a dent in the Trump Administration. Money was pumped into Ossoff’s congressional bid by Democrats and the #Resist movement across the country.

The Democratic National Committee and anti-Trump donors gave Ossoff the upper-hand in money and resources over his opponent, despite the fact that he does not even reside in the 6th district of Georgia. Of course, Democrats chalk this up to gerrymandering, and turned a blind eye to their candidate spreading a false narrative that he lived “down the road,” from the district. 

The most recent report showed that Ossoff raised $23 million total, with $15 million of that coming in between March 29th and May 31st. In that time period, Ossoff claimed 7,218 donations from the state of California, including 3,063 from the San Francisco Bay Area counties alone, versus 808 donations from within the state of Georgia. The “Trump’s worst nightmare,” candidate was out of touch with the state he was bidding to represent.

The Democratic National Committee invested $4.9 million in Ossoff’s bid, along with other Political Action Committees such as House Majority, but Planned Parenthood also took a big loss with Ossoff's failed congressional bid. The organization, which receives taxpayer funding, bankrolled $734,760 into the campaign against an experienced woman. Ironic.  

The abortion giant was quick to throw taxpayer money at Ossoff, hoping that Planned Parenthood could sit another ally in Congress. Ossoff is a die-hard supporter of Planned Parenthood, even falsely claiming that mammograms are a service that Planned Parenthood provides: 

Planned Parenthood is always asserting the narrative that male politicians should not be making reproductive policy decisions. The organization repeatedly condemns Republican, male lawmakers at every corner for their pro-life views, even claiming that men should have no stake in the reproductive game, falsely spinning that abortion is health care any chance they get.

Of course, the organization has no problem taking donations from Democratic men, and clearly, they also have no issue with a white male making policy decisions for “reproductive rights,” as long as he follows their agenda. It seems that Planned Parenthood only wants to support women under the same condition; given that they prioritize the organization’s abortion agenda.

 The Democratic Party as a whole, along with their donors attempting to #Resist President Trump, lost another special election to a Republican whom they outspent on Tuesday night. Also on the losing side of the election was taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood, despite their best efforts to put Ossoff in Congress. 

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