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Critics are slamming President Obama's pick for Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin, for her weight, saying that her size prevents her from serving as the public face of health in a nation with a growing obesity problem. The discussion of the highly credentialed Benjamin's girth comes just after Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius appeared on Sunday's "Meet the Press" to discuss health care reform, and talked about the responsibilty Americans have to stay fit. Sebelius (who, incidentally, has a much more svelte frame) said:

We're also hoping that that personal responsibility extends to lifestyle... we need to make some basic changes in what we eat, how much we exercise...
Seeing as we're currently fighting against a massive government takeover of the health care industry, Benjamin's weight is hardly America's top concern. Besides, if Obama can sign tobacco legislation and then sneak off for a cigarette, Benjamin can certainly preach about healthy eating and then drive through McDonald's.

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