Poll: After Last Month More Dems Want Obamacare Expansion

Posted: Dec 06, 2013 12:00 PM

A Gallup poll shows the partisan rift on Obamacare deepening even over the past month. Relative to October's numbers, more Democrats believe the law should be expanded (34%), and more Republicans believe the law should be repealed (68%).

The most significant changes occurred within party demographics as opposed to the general population. Independents nearly reflect the national average, with more favoring repealing the law or scaling it back than expanding it or keeping it as is.

Surprisingly, 11% of Americans still have no opinion on the law despite the fact that it has headlined the news for the past several months.

2% more want to repeal or scale Obamacare back in December than did in October, but this change is remarkably small considering the scathing criticisms of Healthcare.gov's rollout, insurance plan cancellations, and the Obama administration's handling of the crisis. In fact, there has been no change in the percentage who want to repeal the law entirely and only a 5% change in those who want it scaled back since January 2011.

It is hard to imagine that these numbers will shift drastically by the December 23 deadline to enroll for policies that begin January 1 if they have not already.

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