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In Other News: Dems Call GOP “Traitors” for Refusing to Wear “I Heart Iran” T-Shirts

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Democrats are calling Republicans “traitors” after a group of Senate Republicans crafted a letter to Iran explaining that Obama does not have authority to make a “deal” with the Ayatollahs… Did they forget about Pelosi’s field trip to Syria in 2007?


(NBC News)

Harry Reid is even suggesting that Senate Republicans are “empowering” the Ayatollahs in Iran… Remind me again who’s trying to lift sanctions and give Iran a path to nuclear technology?

(The Hill)

Hillary Clinton decided it was about time to hold a press conference to answer questions regarding correspondence during her time as Secretary of State. Somehow, it just didn’t seem right to email the press a formal statement.


On second thought... Yes. Yes, President Obama did exchange emails with Hillary; but he didn’t really know the details of her account. I guess he just assumed ClintonEmail.com was the standard domain for the State Department.

(Washington Times)

Stupid global warming: Giant chunks of ice are washing ashore near Cape Cod. I don’t remember being warned about this in Al Gore’s documentary.



There’s a growing trend in the UK for parents to call in the police to discipline their children. Because, really, aren’t cops just a taxpayer funded replacement for parenting?

(The Times)

The White House is being forced back into the courtroom after a judge claims the Administration lied to him about their executive action on immigration. For example: They said it was Constitutional.


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