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In Other News: Verizon Releases Statement on FCC’s “1930’s Era Regulations” in Morse Code

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

The internet service provider Verizon mocked the concept of applying 1930s regulations to a 21st century technology, by releasing a statement on Net Neutrality... in Morse code. (Seriously.) The humor, however, was lost on the FCC who had just recently upgraded to rotary phones.



While the rest of America waited anxiously for the details of the FCC’s 332 page Net Neutrality proposal, Google executives apparently got to help craft the regulation. So, to summarize: Net Neutrality – a regulation ostensibly aimed at equalizing the internet – got started with a few crony elites colluding with bureaucrats… Yep. I was right. This is “Socialism for Broadband.”


The beauty of Socialism: Venezuela is running so low on basic goods and products, it has been considering the possibility of trading barrels of Crude for items like toilet paper. Isn’t it strange how a “worker’s paradise” looks awfully similar to 3rd world suffering?


The Treasury Department is refusing to explain why it paid out $3 billion in Obamacare payments without authorization from Congress. I guess the Constitution, kinda like Al Sharpton’s tax bill, is completely optional.

(Washington Examiner)

Roughly 32,000 more emails were uncovered in the IRS targeting scandal, after it was learned that IRS employees never actually looked for the backup tapes in the first place. Obama was right: There’s not a “smidgen” of corruption. After all, 32,000 previously “misplaced” emails is more like a truckload than a smidgen.


(Fox News)

Speaking of emails: Emails from the State Department show that Hillary Clinton’s top aides knew almost immediately that the attack on our Ambassador in Benghazi was an organized terrorist attack… But, really, “what difference does it make?”

(Fox News)

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