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In Other News: IRS Commissioner: Illegals Who Don't Pay Taxes Will Still Get Refunds

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

The IRS has said it will issue tax refunds to illegal immigrants. Even illegals who never paid taxes will be eligible for a refund. Is it just me, or does the IRS seem a little fuzzy on what the word “refund” actually means?


(Washington Times)

The IRS is apologizing for seizing the bank accounts of law-abiding small businesses that had allegedly structured bank deposits in such a way as to avoid Federal reporting practices. See… This would be an appropriate time to issue a “refund”.

(AP News)

Another “cease fire” was agreed upon in Ukraine.  As all the other cease fires have yielded such stunning results, I’m sure this one will work out. (Do we actually have winners and losers in war anymore? Or does everyone just get a cease fire and a blue participation ribbon?)

(Fox News)

Durbin University students in South Africa have asked the school to expel all Jewish students. (After all, that whole apartheid thingy was only bad when the British did it.)

(Times of Israel)

Hank “Guam might capsize” Johnson says that the CBC should boycott Netanyahu’s speech to Congress because Obama is “a black man being disrespected by a foreign leader.” Well, Hank: Netanyahu is a Jewish man being disrespected by the Democrat Party. Now go make sure Guam is still right-side-up.



It’s already starting: People are blaming Fox News for the death of three Muslims by a self-described atheist… Because don’t all Huffington-post-reading, Rachel-Maddow-loving, radical-atheists watch Hannity?

(Daily Caller)

Russia and Egypt have agreed to begin building a nuclear reactor in Egypt. So while America is closing down embassies throughout the region, Putin is making friends and influencing people… I’m not sure I see this ending well for us.

(Free Beacon)

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