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In Other News: Media Conveniently Forgets About Progressives Hating Vaccines

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Remember in 2011 when Obama predicted that his policies (and roughly $2.4 billion) would help put “one million” electric cars on the road by 2015? Well… He was apparently aiming a little high. It’s 2015, and there are under 300,000 on the road. Maybe Americans are just holding out for those hover cars we were promised in the 50’s.


(CNS News)

The US is currently talking with North Korea about maybe setting up some talks about moving forward with talks about nuclear weaponry. So, we’re talking about talks about talks. Why don’t we just have China ask the Koreans if they would be interested in going out with us?

(Washington Post)

The press is trying to pretend that GOP contenders for 2016 are pandering to their “conservative base” by opposing vaccinations. There’s just one problem: It’s largely left wing hippies, and the “live natural” liberal fringe that are actually opposed to vaccines... But yeah: I’m totally sure the GOP is trying to court the all-important gluten free/ vegan/ anti-vaccine vote in California.


A bunch of super rich celebrities and liberal elites have decided that America really, really, really needs Elizabeth Warren as the next President of the United States. And if there’s one thing Hollywood liberals are good at, it’s determining what Americans want. #Taken3



Debbie Wasserman Schultz (the “gem” who runs the DNC) is walking back comments she made that were critical of Jews marrying non-Jewish partners… I mean gay marriage is totally cool; but interfaith marriages are just plain wrong. Right, Debbie?

(NBC News)

An 11 year old girl used a shotgun to defend herself from a home invader. I wonder if Mikey Bloomberg is going to include that in his next batch of phony statistics.

(Free Beacon)

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