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In Other News: President Obama Finally Finds a Welcome Preschoolers

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

NBC has launched a website for black people. Because nothing says “colorblind society” quite like making sure we’re all segregated by race. Maybe we should call the new website


(Breaking 911)

President Obama lectured to a bunch of preschoolers about racism and prejudice… And here I thought he was just there to crowdsource some foreign policy advice.

(Washington Times)

Pope Francis has said that he wants to walk across the US-Mexico border as a “beautiful gesture” of support for immigrants. Also, he might get free Obamacare this way.


New Orleans has banned smoking pretty much everywhere… Bars, casinos, sidewalks, beaches, public parks, condominiums, public and private nursing homes, construction sites, golf courses, and millions of other locations are now all “smoke free”. (You might still be allowed to smoke in your private residence if you have the light off and hide underneath the covers.)

(Free Beacon)

McDonalds is seeing their earnings fall. If they’re having trouble selling their meat-like products at a buck a piece, they’re really going to struggle when they have to up the price to cover a new $15 minimum wage.

(AP News)

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