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In Other News: Barack Obama Makes King George Look Like a Constitutionalist

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Researches have pointed out that even King George III wasn’t really able to suspend, change, or implement laws unilaterally… So, Congrats to Obama for making King George III look like a constitutionalist.


(National Review)

A Saudi Cleric has declared that snowmen are “un-Islamic” and should therefore be banned. French satirists are no doubt planning to build a snowman of Mohammed as soon as the weather permits.

(Fox News)

Vice News, arguing for increased regulation of firearms, says that government should treat gun-ownership like car ownership… I don’t know that making people run a background check to purchase a vehicle is really the direction we want to go.


Officials with the Department of Health and Human Services were too obese to fly coach, costing the US taxpayer roughly $31 million in 1st class tickets. I hope that at the very least, the government had the good sense to make sure they weren’t on an airline with an inflight meal.

(NY Post)

Uh-oh… Bush derangement syndrome is making a comeback in the Democrat Party. Sen. Chris Murphy says the Charlie Hebdo attacks are partially Bush’s fault. (If these people could blame Bush for your missing car keys, they would do it.)


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