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In Other News: US Offers Reward for Capture of Terrorist We Released from Gitmo

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Oops… The US is offering a multi-million dollar reward for the capture of a terrorist that we let out of Gitmo. Maybe we should remove the prison’s revolving door sometime soon?


(Judicial Watch)

Just a little bit of perspective for you: The amount of EPA regulations that Obama has added to the Federal Register is roughly 43 times larger than the Bible… In other words, the creator of the universe is literally less demanding than the liberal in the White House.

(CNS News)

More information is being released on the IRS harassment of conservative groups, tea party groups, and other groups that one IRS adviser identified as “icky”… Yes, a top IRS adviser used the term “icky” to describe conservatives. Five year olds are apparently running the nation.

(Daily Caller)

MSNBC host Ed Schultz said Obama’s action on Cuba was just like Reagan’s “Tear down this wall” moment. I mean, Reagan was forcefully demanding an end to the oppressive and totalitarian Soviet system. Obama, on the other hand, is capitulating to communists… But yeah, other than that, I guess this is exactly the same thing.

(Washington Examiner)

Oh, by the way: Those nice Castro brothers are really happy to have normalized relations with the United States. But they still don’t feel like turning over cop-killing fugitives who fled America in previous decades. I mean, that would be too similar to “cooperation” for a commie.

(Tulsa World)

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