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In Other News: White House Apparently Forgets to Pay Power Bill

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

A professor in NYC has been charged after bringing a bag full of hammers to a protest. I sure hope they weren’t “assault” hammers.



The lights flickered out at the White House and the State Department this morning. Kinda makes you wonder just how badly they needed that spending authorization… I didn’t realize they were 60 days behind on their electric bill.

(Weekly Standard)

Liberals in Australia are worried that the ongoing hostage situation might increase Islamaphobia. I get the feeling that they’re kinda missing the bigger picture:


Students continue to complain about Michelle Obama’s lunch program. I keep waiting for fourth graders to show up to their cafeterias waiving the Gadsden flag.

(EAG News)

According to the US Census, whites will be a minority demographic by 2044. Something tells me they still won't be eligible for affirmative action.

(Washington Examiner)

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