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In Other News: Mike Bloomberg is Having a Miserable Day

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a former Muslim and a current human rights activist, reports that Joe Biden attempted to “correct” her on “one or two things” about Islam. For visual aids, I’m sure he was going to draw a picture using his box of crayons.


(Truth Revolt)

For the first time in two decades, Pew research shows a majority of Americans support the right to own a gun. Mike Bloomberg was last seen crying quietly in a corner.

(People Press)

North Korea, Iran, and China all blasted the US over recent claims made in the Democrat sponsored CIA interrogation report… Because, as we all know, those three countries are pillars of morality in an otherwise cruel and heartless world. (By the way, “death by mortar” is an actual punishment in North Korea.)

(CNS News)

Activists are upset after they learned that white and black Barbie dolls are sometimes priced differently from each other… Yep, liberals are shouting for “price equality” among the imaginary ethnicities of Barbie. (We should start a petition: equal pay for equal play.)


Palestinians have created an imaginary super hero, named “Gaza Man”. Gaza Man (boy those Palestinians are a clever bunch, aren’t they?) will fight the Jews in imaginary battles as part of a propaganda effort. After some discussion, it was decided he would not be a suicide bomber because that cuts down on the opportunity for a sequel.


(Free Beacon)

CNN ran an op-ed written by a GITMO inmate (who worked directly under Bin Laden), in which the inmate says America should be ashamed of what our government has done to accused terrorists. Say what you will about waterboarding, but I’m pretty sure that watching CNN still qualifies as a form of torture.


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