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In Other News: Mother of the Year Teaches Ferguson Child How to Loot

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

The Federal government spent $5 million to hold “commune dance parties” in bars throughout California, in an effort to get hipsters to quit smoking -- cigarettes. The weed is medicinal. (Is anyone else concerned about the apparently large number of hipster millennials with glaucoma?)


(Free Beacon)

A woman in Pennsylvania admitted to a $7.2 million child-credit tax scam, by filling out more than 1,700 returns with identities stolen by illegal immigrants... But good thing the IRS spent so much time tracking down, and harassing, all those conservatives.

(Fox News)

The mayor of Seattle didn’t pardon a turkey for Thanksgiving… He pardoned a “tofurky”. I guess the little slab of tofu will now be able to live out its remaining days in the refrigerator of a registered Democrat, surrounded by equally tasteless GMO and Gluten free foods. Charming.

(Washington Post)

Way to really stick it to “the man”, Ferguson: Minority owned businesses were the hardest hit during last night’s riots. Racists.


Eric Holder says he’s not done investigating Darren Wilson… Of course, if Wilson was a Mexican drug cartel, Holder would likely be shipping him guns right about now.

(Daily Caller)

This nice lady brought her child on a field trip to a liquor store in Ferguson. Once there, she apparently felt inclined to help the young lad develop that all-important life skill of looting. (Democrats call this redistribution.)

(Weasel Zippers)

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