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In Other News: University Professor Apologizes for Being White

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

An organizer for the Ferguson riots demonstrations was quoted as saying that the “system won’t change”, until “white people are afraid”… Right. Making white folks afraid to go through a black neighborhood is exactly what will bring peace and harmony to America’s race relations.



The White House decided to taunt Republicans over global warming… Nature then taunted the White House with a record breaking cold snap.

(Washington Times)

John Kerry (who served in Vietnam) claims that he knows more about Islam than “the dummies” who are recruited by ISIS. Well, of course he does. He’s a rich liberal elitist… He knows everything, remember? (Besides, look who he works for.)

(PJ Media)

A “furious” John Kerry condemned the Palestinian terrorist attacks on a Jerusalem Synagogue. Don’t these “dumb” Islamic terrorists know that “Islam is a religion of peace”?

(Fox News)

Terror attacks are, apparently, on the rise. But thank heavens we don’t have a cowboy in the White House. Leading from behind really helps give the terrorists a more equal footing.

(Free Beacon)

A University professor has publicly apologized for being a “white, middle class, heterosexual man.” If being white, middle class, and heterosexual is causing him anxiety, he should probably apologize for calling himself a “man”.

(Campus Reform)

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