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WHCA Weighs in After Biden Scolds Reporter for Not Playing by 'the Rules'
Supreme Court Announces Decision on ATF Rule Classifying Bump Stocks As 'Machineguns'
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New York Democrat Sounds the Alarm About Terror Threat From Southern Border
There's Been an Update Regarding the Hunter Biden Laptop Lawsuit Against Rudy Giuliani
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'Sit Down': AOC Called Out for Condemning Pro-Hamas Protests
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Father’s Day With Hamas Terrorists
‘Record High’ of Americans Would Only Support Candidate With Their Abortion Views
Election Forecaster Makes Several Race Changes in Favor of Republicans

In Other News: Eric Holder Takes Break from Harassing Reporters - Focuses on Harassing Voters Instead

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Tom Brokaw wants to know what Republicans are willing to compromise on, and do for Democrats, if they end up winning the Senate… I’m not sure Tom gets the concept here.



A top Obama aide has been quoted as saying “we’re in for a s**t-storm if Democrats lose the Senate”… Well, it appears to be clouding up.


Eric Holder is sending DOJ officials to the polls to watch for voter discrimination. I guess things like spying on reporters, running guns to Mexico, race baiting in Ferguson, and demanding “protection money” from big banks will just have to go on pause for a day or two.

(The Hill)

The New York Times would really like to “cancel the midterms”. Seriously. I’m surprised they haven’t just called for a law that bans Republican victories.

(NY Times)

An instructor from the University of Arizona slammed the US Military, claiming that US troops do more harm in the world than ISIS fighters. Of course, he strangely doesn’t feel the need to say any of this from the town of Mosul, in the Islamic State. Weird.

(Free Beacon)

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