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In Other News: Dems Blame GOP for Ebola - Stupidity is Apparently Contagious

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

It was a big day for Obama on Sunday, as he golfed for the 200th time since taking office. Quite the milestone. We should nominate him for another Nobel Peace prize.


(USA Today)

The owner of the Washington Redskins watched the game in the company of Ben Shelly, president of the Navajo Nation… Racists.


Finland has ordered the Finnish “Beer and Whiskey Expo” to drop “Whiskey” from its title out of concern that the mention of an alcoholic beverage overtly promotes drinking. Just like that guy who hasn’t yet gone to his first AA meeting, the Finnish government apparently doesn’t think beer should count as an alcoholic beverage.

(Fox News)

Dems are blaming Republicans for the Ebola outbreak because the GOP has fought for spending cuts. I think we should forget about Ebola for a minute, and concentrate on curbing the contagious nature of stupidity.

(Weasel Zippers)

Wait… It gets better: Joy Reid lays blame for the Ebola outbreak at the feet of a “private hospital, in a red state.” See what I mean about stupidity being contagious? I bet Cuba would totally have this Ebola thing under control by now, right Joy?

(The Blaze)

So where is the Surgeon General now that Ebola is showing up in America? Well, the DailyMail is blaming the NRA for holding up his nomination. Another possibility is that his office is a little too busy designing new warnings for cigarettes to worry about a pesky little virus.

(Daily Mail)

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