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First Amendment Phonies

In Other News: The Democrat War on Decency Continues in Ferguson

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Even the Pope is calling on nations to take military action against ISIL… Of course, this is unlikely to persuade Obama. After all, there’s been a little bit of tension between the Vatican and the White House ever since Pope Francis explained that being “God’s emissary” isn’t the same thing as being Obama’s Press Secretary.


(CNS News)

An MSNBC guest expressed concern that the “war on black men” in the US could soon turn into a genocide. (Absolutely not kidding.) Personally, I would like to take this moment to express my concern that the “war on intelligent thought” could soon turn into a holocaust of common sense.


This looter from Ferguson explains that “we deserve this” because there’s “injustice in the community”… I guess it’s important to have pride in what you do.


The local Democrat Party has set up voter registration booths at the location of Michael Brown’s shooting. (Never let a crisis go to waste, right?) The liberal tradition of profiting from the anger, tragedy, and death of young black men continues. Apparently being a registered Democrat is kinda like having a “license to exploit”.


Remember when the Obama Administration wrote a lengthy letter that warned Egypt to “take extreme caution and restraint” when dealing with the racist and terrorist-inspired Muslim Brotherhood? Well, Egypt basically just sent a carbon copy of that letter to Obama in regards to Ferguson… Well played, Egypt. Well played.


(Business Insider)

While the Obama Administration has been stopping arms shipments to Israel, they’ve also been sending arms to a nation sympathetic to Hamas. Well, one thing is for sure: Israel has never had a friend quite like the Obama Administration… I mean they’ve had a few adversaries, but never a friend, like Obama.

(Free Beacon)

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