Ethics Charges Have Blacks on Capitol Hill Crying Foul

Posted: Aug 02, 2010 12:50 PM
Reps. Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters are both African-American and both facing ethics violation charges on Capitol Hill right now.  Coincidence?

I think so, but apparently there are many in Washington who would disagree.  The Politico reports that the ethics charges are raising racial questions:
The politically charged decisions by veteran Democratic Reps. Charles Rangel of New York and Maxine Waters of California to force public trials by the House ethics committee are raising questions about race and whether black lawmakers face more scrutiny over allegations of ethical or criminal wrongdoing than their white colleagues. ...

There’s a “dual standard, one for most members and one for African-Americans,” said one member of the Congressional Black Caucus, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The member said it’s too easy for an outside group to damage someone’s reputation by filing a claim with OCE.

“This is stacked against you once an accusation is made,” the lawmaker added. “You’re guilty until proven otherwise.” 

I think this is simply another example of politicians playing the race card when it's politically beneficial to them.  If blacks in Congress felt they were being treated unfairly, why didn't we hear about it until after Rangel failed to strike a deal and only now when both reps are facing politically damaging ethics charges? 

What do you think--true double standard or ridiculous race-baiting?