Feds Spend $1.25 Million to Save 5 Squirrels/Year

Posted: Jun 17, 2010 1:26 PM
When thinking of allllllll the things government could spend $1 million on, I must admit that rope bridges for squirrels have never crossed my mind.  That's the Obama difference, folks.  ABC News:
Arizona is spending $1.25 million to build bridges for endangered squirrels over a mountain road so they don't become roadkill and then monitor their health.

The money is being spent, officials said, because cars kill about five of these squirrels each year.

While most suburbanites may be baffled why anyone would protect a pesky squirrel, these are Mount Graham red squirrels, a breed once thought to be extinct. Only 250 of them are known to live near the top of Mount Graham.

The Federal Highway Administration grant will be used to build rope bridges over the lone road through the squirrels' habitat, according to Arizona Department of Transportation Community Relations Director Timothy Tait. The DOT plans to install 41 of the "canopy tunnel crossings" at a cost of $400,000.

Another $160,000 will be spent on cameras to monitor the bridges, and the rest of the money will fund a project to monitor the rodents.

::face palm::

Instead of the BP CEO, how about we haul out the person who thought up this ridiculous waste of money and force them to apologize?