San Antonio City Manager Declares War on Sugar

Posted: May 19, 2010 12:45 PM
Don't expect to see cans of classic Coca-Cola in public vending machines around San Antonio anymore, or any other regular soda flavor for that matter.  From now on, by decree of city manager Sheryl Sculley, it's diet only:
Sugary sodas no longer have a home in the city's 250 beverage vending machines and unhealthy foods in the 75 snack machines in city facilities are next.

“I asked the staff to remove the high-calorie soda drinks from our vending machines,” Sculley said. “I'm a fitness person, and I care about our employees, and I want them to be healthy. And I think this is a very small gesture.”

The new city policy is only for vending machines and doesn't ban employees from consuming fatty foods and drinks at work.

Well, I guess we know what will be next on the liberal fascists' agenda... because they are from the government and they are just here to help, right?