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'Who's Running Europe?' Obama, Apparently.

That's the question headlining the Daily Mail's ongoing coverage of Europe's debt crisis.  First, President Obama reportedly pressured the European Union to go through with its massive bailout of Greece.  Now, the
Daily Mail is reporting that Obama is doling out advice to other European countries on how to manage their finances: 

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said administration officials continue to urge European officials to 'do what's necessary to ensure that this problem is dealt with and doesn't spread.'

A senior administration official told the New York Times newspaper: 'He was trying to convey that he knew these were politically difficult steps that the leaders there had to take, that he had gone through them as well.

'And that, from his experience, trying to get out ahead as much as possible was the right way to go.'

From his experience?  From the year and a half Obama's been in office and taken U.S. debt levels from horrible to crippling?  Or would that be his "do as I say" strategy of telling other countries to get their government spending under control while he plows forward in burning through our tax dollars?

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