Cap & Trade Windfall? Obama & Friends May Stand to Make TRILLIONS

Posted: Apr 27, 2010 9:02 PM
Fox News host Glenn Beck plotted the connections on his TV show last night.  Today on his radio show, he explains it a bit more clearly. 

What is "it"? 

A potential trading scheme involving Barack Obama, Al Gore, Goldman Sachs, Franklin Rains (of Fannie Mae fame), the Chicago Climate Exchange and $10 trillion/year.  The fact that these connections haven't been reported on once again shows the amazing irresponsibility of today's MSM:

Part I

Part II

Video H/T: RightScoop

To complete the $10 TRILLION scheme, all these people need is a cap & trade law to mandate the trading of carbon credits.  Here's a shocker: cap & trade is next on the Democrats' legislative priority list.

Is the MSM really going to dismiss all of this as sheer coincidence?

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