CPAC Attendees Will Take a "Whack" At Pelosi, Reid... Literally.

Posted: Feb 17, 2010 3:02 PM
The Hill's Washington Scene reports that people attending this week's CPAC conference will have an opportunity to whack a pinata of Nancy Pelosi and throw a punch at a Harry Reid punching bag: 
Mary Christopher, outreach coordinator for CivicForumPAC, said the Pelosi pinata will be filled with favorite Pelosi sayings, bills and candy. The party hopes to invite the well-known D.C. residents to smash the pi?ata first, before others in attendance will be invited to try to take the Speaker down.

“We’re hoping to have the females whack the pinata and males try their hand at a Harry Reid punching bag,” Christopher said.
Predictably, liberals are outraged.  Daily Kos thinks this child's game somehow shows how "crazy" and "violent" we right-wingers are.  Whatever.

Personally, I'm most offended that as a female, I apparently won't have the opportunity to give Harry Reid a good right hook straight to the kisser.

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