Greenpeace Negotiating "Hostage" Situation at the Chamber of Commerce

Posted: Dec 17, 2009 11:55 AM
A friend of mine who works over at the US Chamber of Commerce has emailed to tell me members of Greenpeace's "Climate Crime Unit" have climbed up and onto the window ledges of the Chamber's headquarters:

Greenpeace has released the following "press release":
Washington, D.C., United States — Greenpeace activists and emergency vehicles descended on the Chamber of Commerce in response to a climate emergency.

This global warming crime scene was quickly taped off by Greenpeace activists as a hostage negotiator attempted to make contact with the group. Tension mounted as the negotiator and activists attempted to convince the Chamber to “put down the coal, step away from the climate talks, and set the world free.”

The Greenpeace climate crime unit intervened at the scene of the crime, confronting the lobbyists who work for the very industries who create and profit from criminal climate destruction.
Cherry on top of the crazy sundae: Kids from a local charter school were at the Chamber for an annual holiday event and the families in attendance were reportedly scared by the Greenpeace activists, thinking an actual emergency was taking place.  Nice.

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