Obama's Disgraceful Friday Photo-Op

Posted: Nov 06, 2009 11:54 AM
As of yesterday, President Obama was scheduled to spend Friday afternoon on Capitol Hill, rallying the troops for tomorrow House health care vote at 6:00pm.  But following yesterday's tragic shooting at Fort Hood, it looks like plans have changed.

The White House schedule now says that the president will be making his trip to Capitol Hill tomorrow and visiting Walter Reed Army Medical Center--his first visit since taking office in January.  According to the AP, White House officials are claiming the plans to visit Walter Reed before yesterday's shooting.  But if this were true, why would the president be delaying his trip to Capitol Hill to go to Walter Reed?  I doubt his schedulers double-booked him.

In addition, the White House is insisting the visit to Walter Reed has nothing to do with yesterday's shooting.  Doubtful.  The president is under fire today after his "frightening insensitivity" toward the Fort Hood shooting yesterday as he spoke before a group at the White House. 

This whole situation is similar to his last military photo-op, saluting America's fallen soldiers as they returned home to rest.  If it were to show gratitude and pay tribute to our military personnel, why not turn the cameras off?  What kind of solemn reflection can one have with flashbulbs going off? 

Undoubtedly, today's visit to Walter Reed will also include the WH press pool following behind the president.  Obama's "spontaneous" visit to Walter Reed today is nothing more than a hollow, calculated political maneuver and photo-op and is disgraceful in light of the tremendous sacrifice our men and women in uniform make on a daily basis.