Leftists Group Hopes to Disrupt Military Recruiting With National Protest

Posted: Oct 05, 2009 3:21 PM
Tomorrow, October 6, an anti-military recruiter-bashing organization called "We are Not Your Soldiers" his staging a nationwide protest to mark the anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan.  Young school kids are being encouraged to distribute letters of protest to teachers and administration in hopes the school will disallow military recruiters' access to high school and college campuses. 

When protesting, kids are also being encouraged to "assure the media are present."  The driving-force behind the protest is the anti-American Communist-founded World Can't Wait organization.
[Military recruiters] roll up in their Hummers talking about strength and discipline, about how the military will give you a “life with a purpose”. But what kind of purpose?

You can kill and torture innocent people – and probably ruin your own life because of what you’ve seen and done – for an empire that causes misery for the planet, or… you can be about putting an end to all that and creating a better world.

In the past, some of these demonstrations have even turned violent against military recruiters and recruiting stations.  Be aware of what is going on your kids' schools and be prepared to ask tough questions.  Will your child's school be participating?