Newsweek: Obama "More Catholic" Than the Pope

Posted: Jul 11, 2009 11:16 AM
In the most outrageous claim I've come across since... well, since Secretary Geithner's comments yesterday, Newsweek takes the cake with a column by former Maryland Lt. Governor and daughter of the late Robert Kennedy, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend.  Townsend, commenting on the president's visit with Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican yesterday, asserts not only that Pope Benedict could learn a thing or two from Obama about pragmatism and social justice, but also that Obama better represents the views of Catholics in America than the Holy Father.

What a claim.

After a substantial rant outlines her personal complaints and disagreements with the pope and Catholic teachings in general, the Democrat proposes that Catholic truths should be determined by a majority vote.  How does she justify her proposal?  By citing public opinion poll numbers:

When Sen. John Kerry, a pro-choice Catholic, ran for president in 2004, several bishops decided to deny him communion. A poll done at the time by Time magazine showed that 73 percent of American Catholics disagreed with that decision, and 83 percent said the bishops’ move wouldn't change their vote.

For Obama, respectful disagreement and a willingness to recognize differences was the animating spirit of the presidential campaign, and it was central to his Notre Dame speech. That is the kind of politics many Catholics practice. They’re tired of watching the church grasp frantically for control at the expense of truth and love. In America last November, it showed: 54 percent of Catholics voted for Obama.

God forbid the Catholic Church stand by its principles and faithful traditions when it comes to selecting a leader to run the country and not bend to appease 54% of Catholics!  I wish I could say I was surprised by the fact a Democrat like Townsend would turn to polling numbers for moral guidance.  Afterall, centuries of Catholic truths don't apply to today's "progressive" society--people voted for CHANGE!  Somehow, I don't think Townsend's ideas are exactly what people had in mind.

In Townsend's view, we Catholics need to get with the program.  Free condoms and on-demand abortions are apparently in today; God and rosary beads are so yesterday.  She concludes, "The pope has a lot lot to learn about politics in America. Barack Obama can teach him."
Since religion is one of the very few areas of our lives the government has not completely trampled on or taken over, here's an idea: let's leave politics out of it. 

Townsend may receive her divine moral guidance from Obama.  As for me, I'll be sticking with God and continuing to thank Him for term limits.
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