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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe Biden lashed out at the press and the Justice Department over its report about his mishandling of classified information. The president dodged a bullet: no charges because he was seen as too frail, old, and senile to be indicted. That’s not exactly a winning bumper sticker for a re-election campaign. The political damage might be irreparable, especially when a new ABC News poll found that 86 percent of Americans felt Biden was too old for the job. Yet, the reaction toward Special Counsel Robert Hur has been predictable.  


Democrats and liberal media figures called him a hack for including the portions about Biden’s memory being shoddy, forgetting when his son died and his days as vice president. These are mitigating circumstances that one must relay to one’s boss regarding possible litigation. Hur was following protocol, per Andrew McCarthy, a former assistant US Attorney. The defense of the president’s mental health has been robust from other people who you assume would say such things, like his personal attorney, Bob Bauer, husband of Anita Dunn, a senior communications adviser to Joe Biden.  

Bauer was on CBS’ Face the Nation Sunday and refused to commit to releasing the audio tapes and transcripts from Biden’s deposition with Hur. Now, the other question is why? This White House has a horrible habit of doing things the wrong way. They can’t be covert even if they tried—too many incompetent staffers are working for them. What’s on those tapes?  


The Justice Department can release them after a security review, right? Maybe that’s where congressional Republicans should put some pressure, no? Release all the files. If Biden is mentally sound, these supplemental materials should confirm that. It would be part of an effective counterattack against the narrative that Biden has become Mr. Magoo, someone with enough brain activity to prevent a drooling vegetable designation. Release those transcripts, Bob. Tell your wife we want the audio files, too.  


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