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Top Democratic Strategist Points Out Why Biden Skipping Super Bowl Interview Is a Huge Mistake

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

One Democratic Party strategist knows that Joe Biden skipping an interview with CBS News before Super Bowl LVIII is a mistake. It also exposes a voter concern thrust into the limelight following Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report on Biden’s mishandling classified information. 


While no charges were filed, despite the conclusion that Joe willfully retained classified files, he was determined to be too old and senile to be charged. If Biden intends to neutralize doubts about his age, hiding from the media isn’t it. James Carville noted that refusal to do this internet in what is arguably the biggest television audience of the year only shows that the White House staff doesn’t trust him: 

On Thursday, when this report was released, Biden held a presser at the White House, which was disastrous. On paper, I’ll admit that if voters think you’re aloof and too old, getting out there showing vigor and mental competency is the only way to go—Biden can’t de-age. The problem is that Joe comes off as angry and will trip up over his tongue because, unlike Obama, he’s as inartful as they come. He also mixed up the presidents of Mexico and Egypt. So, while hiding Biden, which CNN’s Van Jones pitched not too long ago, was viewed as the way to go, this report has shattered that protocol.  


CBS News wasn’t unfriendly territory for Biden, reportedly only of the few networks that remain in the president’s good graces. If aides can’t trust him to lose his marbles here, you know it’s bad. I’m not complaining, but this would have been a prime opportunity for Biden to defend and promote his record and reassure the country he’s mentally fit, especially now.  

Oh well. 

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