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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

I doubt the writers at NBC News want this, or maybe they do because Joe Biden seems stuck in political purgatory. Joe’s approvals are in the toilet, hovering in the low 30s. There is no indication that a comeback of epic proportions is on the horizon for the rapidly decaying Biden. Besides lacking the elite political and communications skills required to complete such a feat, Joe lacks the energy. This turnaround takes much work, which Joe isn’t familiar with concerning his time in the White House. Though Republicans only control the House by a hair—literally—they’re not going to pass anything to help this administration, especially come springtime. 


Inflation remains high, and now the real estate market shows signs of immense gridlock, which could add to the Biden administration’s woes with voters. The White House is already facing a Muslim revolt, as legions of voters in these pro-terrorist enclaves that dot the Rust Belt have voiced their disgust over the president’s support for Israel. There have been some Democratic Party insiders who have pulled the usual pivots, like saying it’s too early. Still, the consensus is correctly grounded with Joe Biden’s 2024 chances being severely degraded by the lagging economy. So, what will happen if the Democrats decide to replace him? It’ll be a circus, and the same mayhem will probably ensue if they keep him (via NBC News) [emphasis mine]: 

What could go wrong? Plenty. What follows are five unpredictable twists that could upend the race and derail Democrats’ hopes of keeping the White House. 

What if Biden drops out? 

It can’t happen, can it? 

There's no way the president would go home to Delaware and voluntarily give up an office he pined for his entire political career. 

That’s the conventional thinking in Washington, anyway. 

But what if Biden takes a hard look at his poll numbers and concludes he'd rather bail than risk losing to Trump, the GOP front-runner? Or if he is feeling every bit his age (81) and no longer wants all the travel and stress that come with the job? Or if he decides the negative attention heaped on his one surviving son, Hunter, would subside if he just took himself off the ballot and retired from politics? 

None of that is expected; neither is it out of the realm of possibility.

Over the last 50 years, Democrats have grown accustomed to a comparatively orderly and transparent process that empowered voters, not party bosses, to choose the presidential nominee. 

Biden’s withdrawal from the race would disrupt all that, setting off a frenzied scramble for the nomination unlike anything that most Americans have seen in their lifetimes. 

By early January, more than half of the filing deadlines to compete in party primaries and caucuses will have passed. So, depending on when the president were to exit the race, candidates would be jockeying to win over Biden delegates who suddenly found themselves without a candidate. 


OK, but what if Biden stays in? 

July 26 must have been an uncomfortable day at Biden campaign headquarters. 

On that fateful afternoon, 81-year-old Mitch McConnell was holding a news conference when the Senate Republican leader abruptly went quiet, staring vacantly at the cameras before he was led away from the scrum. 

What if something similar were to happen to Biden? A brain freeze of some sort, a bad fall on the steps of Air Force One, a speech that devolves into gibberish — any fresh sign of frailty would reinforce Americans’ impression that Biden is too old for the job. Biden’s doctor proclaimed him “fit for duty” in February, but voters have their own ideas of how a president should look, act and sound — and Biden isn’t measuring up on that score. 

The White House has organized itself in ways that minimize the chances of a Biden stumble — physical or otherwise. It’s no coincidence that Biden is forsaking the long staircase on Air Force One for the shorter one that unfolds from the belly of the plane. 

But accidents happen. 

Biden thinks “he can cheat nature here and it’s really risky,” David Axelrod, a former senior adviser to Barack Obama, told The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd last month.


If there is one crew that shouldn’t be trusted with carrying out a heist like that—hiding Biden’s trip-ups—it’s this White House team. They have a spokesperson in Karine Grey Poupon, who is thoroughly inept at her job. That’s not the least of it. It seems every staffer and every cabinet appointee is outright abysmal at carrying out their tasks, so what makes you think the communications and advance teams can stop a Biden stumble or mental lapse? 

Besides the looming housing crisis, the Ukraine quagmire, high inflation, and Biden’s overall impression on voters that he’s too old, do we think that will be neutralized by the brutal schedule of a campaign season where COVID rules no longer apply? The man fell during the US Air Force's commencement, probably on his better days, too. 

Biden is going back on vacation literally 36 hours (maybe less) after coming back from a holiday. Any party leader with approvals in the 30s is radioactive to candidates' down-ticket. If Democrats wanted to boot him, they should’ve initiated the Brutus protocol months ago.

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