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AP Photo/Abed Abu Reash

Twitchy had this first: what was the point of this story? Also, whatever its intention was, it got lost when Trita Parsi of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft tweeted fake news about it. There seem to be some allegations circling that Israeli forces might have killed some concertgoers at the music festival that Hamas attacked at the outset of the October 7 attacks.  


Parsi deleted the tweet when he got raked over the coals for peddling a false narrative, but the copy remains: 

BREAKING: Israeli police investigation reveals that Israeli military helicopters may have been responsible for killing Israelis at the music rave. 

Also, Israeli intelligence assesses that Hamas did not know in advance about the Nova festival 

That’s not what the article says apparently, and the military helicopter allegation is supported by one unnamed source. If this was legitimate, it would’ve hit CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and been recycled at these pro-terrorist rallies we’re seeing nationwide. They haven’t. It was likely friendly fire, much different than a coordinated terrorist attack by Hamas that aimed to butcher as many civilians as possible:


Just embarrassing. 

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