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California Dem Roasts the Liberal Media Over Their Fake News Reporting About Gaza

AP Photo/Yousef Masoud

It's Halloween, and "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" is one of my favorite sci-fi/horror movies that doesn't involve torture scenes, demonic possession, torsos being skewered, or other acts of brutal violence. Both the original and the 1978 remake are excellent films. You already know the plot: an alien species invades Earth, replacing living people with replicas created from pod-like organisms. I bring this up because I must ask if Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) has become a pod person. 


Lieu is one of the most left-wing Democrats on the Hill, who spews a river of nonsense on numerous issues, especially on Russian collusion. His entire existence is to peddle the insane talking points from the Democratic National Committee. His speeches sound like closet Bolsheviks wrote them. It's been years, but Lieu finally found an issue on which we could agree with him, if only for a few minutes. Its duration is no more than a cup of coffee, but the California liberal berated The New York Times for peddling fake news about Gaza. I know—what the hell is going on? The man attacks the Democrats' favorite publication on an issue where his side is more reliably pro-terrorist than not regarding Israel and the Palestinians.

He called out the paper for their heinously wrong coverage of the Gaza hospital story, which devolved into a Grassy Knoll-like mess of liberal journalists trying to explain why they felt Israel had intentionally bombed the location instead of just taking the "L" and admitting they were wrong and got duped by Hamas. Lieu roasted the press, saying they printed the story first without gathering all the facts. Yeah, we know something about that, sir (via Fox News):


Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., accused The New York Times of doing something far "worse" than making a mistake, after the outlet quoted Palestinian claims blaming Israel for the explosion that rocked the al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza City earlier this week. 


Users on X roasted the paper for its initial headline, which read, "Israeli strike kills hundreds in hospital, Palestinians say." The Democratic congressman joined media watchdogs and conservative commentators criticizing the paper in an X post … 

"I agree the @nytimes didn’t ‘botch’ the Gaza hospital story. They did something worse," Lieu wrote. "They intentionally wrote an attention grabbing headline that falsely pointed the blame at Israel to generate clicks during breaking news, without waiting for confirmation or the actual facts." 


A New York Times spokesperson defended the outlet's coverage in a statement to Fox News Digital.

"During any breaking news event, we report what we know as we learn it. We apply rigor and care to what we publish, explicitly citing sources and noting when a piece of news is breaking and likely to be updated. And as the facts on the ground become more clear, we continue reporting. Our extensive and continued reporting on the hospital in Gaza makes explicit the murkiness surrounding the events there," the spokesperson said. 

Lieu also admonished the Los Angeles Times for its Thursday paper headline on the attack. 

"Below is today’s lead headline at @latimes. The Times simply accepts what terrorist organization Hamas said even though it’s false," he wrote. "This both sides journalism is factually wrong. A true headline would say ‘Rage spreads over Gaza hospital blast amid false narrative from Hamas,’" he scolded. 


Multiple media outlets peddled Hamas propaganda about the incident, where we were led to believe that hundreds of dead bodies were everywhere. There was an explosion in the parking lot from a rocket misfire by one of the terrorists. Islamic Jihad is the culprit. American, Israeli, and European intelligence services all confirmed it, but CNN and others report as if the jury is still out. 

Yes, I know this will probably be the last time Lieu says something rational and fair.

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