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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Spencer wrote about how this month marked the second anniversary of the Kabul attacks. Thirteen American service members were killed in a terrorist attack that was looming, given the chaotic scenes at the airport where scores of Afghans were trying to flee with US Air Force personnel. Despite our ignominious exit from the country, Joe Biden was adamant he was making the right decision because it was an endless war in which the US had no interest. And I’m sure the Taliban, who have retaken the country, will ensure the terrorists don’t return. As for endless wars, Biden nixed this one only to engulf us in an even bigger quagmire in Ukraine, but that’s for another time.


Biden’s indifference to their deaths was captured when he looked at his watch constantly during the transfer of the bodies at Dover. He was also reportedly snippy with the Gold Star families. Biden has tried to claim he’s a Gold Star father because his son Beau died, but that’s one of his worst lies. Beau didn’t die in combat; he died of brain cancer. 

Recently, a real Gold Star father did not hold back before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, calling the president a “disgrace” and an “a**hole” (via Fox News): 

The father of a U.S. Marine killed during the terrorist attack at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan two years ago tore into President Biden on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, saying he is a "disgrace to this nation" who has "more American blood" on his hands "than any president in U.S. history." 

Mark Schmitz, the father of Marine Lance Cpl. Jared Schmitz, who was one of the 13 U.S. service members killed in a bomb blast on Aug. 26, 2021, during the military evacuation at the Kabul airport, participated in a roundtable discussion with other Gold Star family members before the House Foreign Affairs Committee. 

"Not a single person has been held accountable," Schmitz said. "Our so-called leader can't seem to even utter their names in public, not even once." 

"You are a disgrace to this nation," the father continued. "You have no business having ultimate command over our military, and I regret not saying that to your face when I had the opportunity in Dover. I felt it more important to bite my tongue, but I also had more important things on my mind at that time, like receiving my son's lifeless body stateside." 

"While I stood there on the tarmac watching you check your watch over and over again, all I wanted to do was shout out, 'It's 2 ----ing 30, ---hole.' But out of respect of the other grieving families, I bit my tongue once again. Well, as you can probably tell by now, I'm done biting my tongue. You, sir, stole their lives, their futures, their dreams and have ripped apart 13 families. You cannot even man up and admit that." 


Many Americans agree, sir. 

It almost seems inevitable that we’ll have to re-invade Afghanistan at some point since the Taliban cannot be trusted, only this time, they’ll be armed with weapons we left behind.

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