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AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

The Hunter Biden laptop led to months of speculation, which culminated with the release of the bombshell FD-1023 report from the FBI, whose informant alleged that Joe and Hunter Biden were both paid $5 million each after reportedly coercing Burisma Holdings into making the transaction in return for access and legal protection. The payments were made in 2015-16 when then-Vice President Joe Biden oversaw civic reforms in Ukraine. There is a ledger of the amount, plus audio recordings of the phone calls. The first reports about improprieties concerning this relationship between the Bidens and Burisma, where Hunter got a nice cushy board seat at $50,000/month, was filed by the FBI’s confidential human source in 2018. 


This allegation is one of many that have tumbled out of Hunter’s laptop. There’s also the slew of shell companies the family allegedly established to funnel all this money from these access deals. Over 170 suspicious activity reports from six banks were filed over the Biden family’s financial operations. We’re threading the needle, but we’re getting closer to ensnaring this guy, and if he was bribed, a strong majority of voters say he has to go, including Democrats (via Issues and Insights): 

As the Biden corruption probe broadens, and more evidence comes to the fore of possible bribery of the Biden family by foreign powers, a question arises: What do Americans think should be done if the allegations are true? The overwhelming response: Biden should leave or be removed from office and not run again, the latest I&I/TIPP Poll shows. 

In an earlier story we wondered: “If any of these charges are shown to be true, can Biden weather the ensuing political storm? Or will he face a choice of impeachment or resignation, a la Richard Nixon, and thereby force the Democrats to find a new standard bearer in 2024?” 

In our online poll of 1,341 adults taken from July 5-7, with a margin of error of +/-2.7 percentage points, we answered that question: Biden is not likely to weather the political storm. 

A strong majority of 63% in our poll suggested that President Joe Biden should either be impeached (33%) or resign immediately (30%) if the charges prove true. Just 20% said Biden should “Stay in office and run again in 2024, if he wishes.” Another 17% said they weren’t sure. 


… within his own party that Biden will truly have a tough time making a case for a second term. Democrats, by a plurality of 45% (impeach or resign) to 35% (stay in office and run again), believe it would be best for Biden to leave office either by being impeached (19%) or by resigning (26%) if the charges prove true, which seems increasingly likely.


Joe Biden’s approval ratings remain dismal, with voter anxiety increasing over the inflation crisis. Despite the hard push on Bidenomics, no one is buying it because going to the grocery store is a wallet-torching event for America’s working families. Almost three-fourths of the country thinks we’re on the wrong track. Biden’s re-election position, coupled with his mental and physical ailments, has him in a perilous position on re-election. So many people are wondering if he’s serious about a second term. His reelection operation is a skeleton crew. The money isn’t the issue, but his inability to do the job, getting gassed after three days of work, and falling everywhere must have Democrats wondering if this is a good idea. Even with Trump’s legal issues, the emerging Biden bribery scandal could lead to the unthinkable for the Left: Trump winning.

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