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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Joe Biden didn’t fall as he did during the US Air Force Academy graduation ceremony, but he did trip over his tongue again. On Wednesday night, Biden accepted an early endorsement for re-election from the League of Conservation Voters and other environmental groups, trotting over there to acknowledge and address the group at their fundraising dinner (via Politico): 


Four of the nation’s biggest environmental advocacy groups officially endorsed President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign Wednesday night, an early declaration of support that also served as a show of appreciation for having passed the most significant climate legislation in history last year. 

Biden trekked across town from the White House to receive the endorsement in person, speaking at the League of Conservation Voters’ annual fundraising dinner in a concert venue along Washington’s southeastern waterfront. 

“Many of you have been with me throughout my career and I can’t tell you how much it means to have your support again,” Biden said, taking the stage after the endorsement was announced. “Together we’ve made a lot of progress, but we’ve got to finish the job.”  

The backing of the four major green groups — LCV, NextGen PAC, NRDC Action Fund and the Sierra Club — was no surprise, especially after last year’s passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, which included $370 billion in subsidies for clean energy projects.

Wait, isn’t this past Biden’s bedtime? Remember, this is Joe Biden 2024, a night owl full of mirth, except he’s not. He’s old, senile, and lost more than a step regarding cognitive function. 


Half-thoughts, mumbling, and misfires riddled the address. Biden seems to be a little late to the party regarding population news from Africa, declaring that the continent will soon be home to 1 billion people. That threshold was crossed in 2009. Biden also reiterated the super-hyperbolic claim that global warming is an existential crisis. Another brain miscue was when the president said we would build railroads over oceans, specifically constructing a railroad system from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean. 


What a trainwreck.


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