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Melted Our Brains? Here's One of Vice News' Final Reports and It Predictably Targets Fox News

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

Welcome to Shasta County, California, a deep red enclave of an otherwise heavily progressive state. It was the focus of what could be one of Vice News’ final reports as the media company filed for bankruptcy in early May. Vice leans Left, but most of the content containing this type of bias is delivered in a non-didactic way. It’s unlike MSNBC, whose hosts and contributors scream, preach, and have loaded commentaries soaked in condescension. Granted, I’m not a hardcore follower of Vice, though if I were to read something that contained differing opinions, I’d instead read them than, say, Daily Kos. It’s a polished and professional left-wing bias, put it that way. We may disagree, but their reports aren’t fraught with malice. 

Where the roots are exposed are inherent in this report about the county terminating their contract with Dominion Voting Systems, which they say could be traced to Fox News peddling reports alleging the company was part of the scheme to rig the 2020 election for Joe Biden and the Democrats.

You know where this segment is going, but what’s the ground report? This county is Trump country, and it was filed in April, long before Fox News settled with Dominion for $787 million to avoid a court battle. That aspect was brought up, with the more liberal voters of the county, with one hoping the legal action destroys Fox News. Vice pressed the county’s elected leadership to find more evidence that Dominion couldn’t be trusted, but that didn’t go over too well. 

The staff and officials who run the elections in the country were flummoxed by the move by the board to end the Dominion contract, citing that a) that Dominion Systems machines decided their elections and b) it would be a waste of money. The cost could soar in the millions, which is a budget buster for most counties.  

I won’t go into Dominion or the 2020 election, but the insinuation here is Fox News, and conservative media writ large is a mecca for lies, and this lie about the election caught fire. And yet, the Trump-Russia collusion story that permeated and drove liberal America insane wasn’t a lie. The FBI was exposed again for pushing a fake investigation into Trump for which there was zero evidence and suppressed exculpatory affidavits to secure illegal spy warrants on the former president, his aides, and his campaign. But since we’re on election issues right now, did Vice forget that over half of Democrats after the 2016 election felt that the Russians hacked voting machines? This vicious cycle on the Left regarding believing tin foil hat material didn’t end after 2016. Once the COVID pandemic hit, a tsunami of lies was spewed to support the political class’ agenda of locking us up and over a 99-plus percent survival rate.  

The holier-than-thou position liberals take on disinformation is a black hole of insanity since the definition of that word has been twisted by progressives who now use it as an umbrella term for anything they find disagreeable. And it doesn’t help that during the 2020 election; the Hunter Biden laptop was dismissed as Russian disinformation by the intelligence community when everyone knew that it was authentic, even the spooks who staked their reputations in that letter declaring the device as a Russian ploy in what would be a nice in-kind contribution to the Biden campaign by the CIA.  

We’re back to the two separate rules, folks. You know the game: liberal lies good, Republican lies (which is really fact) bad. 


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