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AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

It almost leaves you stunned. Liberals are the tantrum-throwing kids who kick and scream when they’ve finally accepted defeat, though they act like that whenever they don’t get their way in general. When it comes to Florida, these people will hurl every insult at the state, its people, and its politics but come to the same conclusion: it’s a great place to live, vacation, and work. Ron DeSantis is turning it into a conservative bastion—yes.


And even liberals want to live there. You saw the headlines about the Disney workers from California who relocated there; they didn’t want to leave. When it comes to vacation, Democratic operative Aisha Mills said that the Sunshine State promotes terrorism or something, but it was an excellent destination for her family’s spring break. I’m not kidding.

Ron DeSantis’ top communications people, Jeremy Redfern and Christina Pushaw, had a field day ripping Mills’ MSNBC segment to pieces. And, of course, this nonsense was trotted out on that network: 


It’s a tacit acknowledgment that DeSantis is running Florida right. The only argument liberals have left regarding attacking DeSantis and Florida is that there are a lot of Republicans there. That’s it. It’s sophomoric and unserious. Who says, ‘This place is hell, but I love it here; great for families.’

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