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Of Course, Noted Liar Andrew McCabe Had This to Say About the Durham Investigation

AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File

CNN may have a new CEO keen on purging the blowhards on his payroll who gave the network a bad name, but there’s still a learning curve. Don Lemon, John Harwood, and Brian Stelter might be gone, but new network chief Chris Licht should focus on his contributors. Some of these characters shouldn’t even be near segments about the Trump-Russia collusion hoax or the Durham report, which investigated the origins of the FBI’s witch hunt, released yesterday. The answer is simple: he has some people under contract responsible for creating that mess.  


Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is not someone who can deliver an impartial analysis of the report; he can’t. He’s also a noted liar, being fired from the bureau for misleading investigators concerning leaks to the media about the Clinton Foundation probe. McCabe filed a wrongful termination suit and got his record expunged, his legal fees covered, and his pension restored. It doesn’t negate that the brass at the FBI still thinks he should have been terminated for his actions. And, of course, our friends over at Newsbusters clipped his interview with Anderson Cooper:


McCabe deflected, saying Durham doesn’t understand how the FBI operates during investigations. You cannot make this up: McCabe was part of the mess that led to the FBI not being able to conduct an impartial probe due to political animus is saying the man who called them out for it doesn’t grasp FBI policy. That’s rich. And Mr. McCabe, you lied to FBI officials about the leaks—you don’t know department policy either, or you ignored it for obvious reasons. He also said the FBI used raw intelligence in their Trump investigation. 

 For all we know, it could have been placemats because there was no solid evidence for the FBI to greenlight any legitimate counterintelligence inquiries into Donald Trump. Better yet, McCabe had to have known, like his then-boss James Comey, who is an equally disgraced FBI official, that the Steele Dossier, the basis for this whole production, was littered with Russian disinformation and an opposition research project subsidized by the Clinton campaign. That tidbit was deep-sixed because such exculpatory evidence would deny spy warrants against Trump and his inner circle; they wanted to keep illegally spying on Americans.  


McCabe then says the Durham probe was never legitimate and was a political errand for Trump. Where’s that evidence? Former Attorney General William Barr has lashed out at Trump, saying another stint of him in the White House would be catastrophic to the country, so where’s the favor, Mr. Liar? You’re mad because you all thought Clinton would win, and these illegal spy operations to take down a duly elected president would never be found. Too bad. Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. You lose, sir. 

House Republicans, subpoena this liar, drag him back onto the Hill, and ensure he knows that lying under oath is a felony.


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