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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is in some peculiar company: the white folks who think they can hijack other people’s racial and ethnic backgrounds for financial or political gain. Warren is in the hall of fame, not least because Massachusetts voters always fail to hold her accountable. Cultural appropriation is a popular topic among the progressive Left, though the silence is deafening when their side gets caught red-handed. Rachel Dolezal was another poster child, though she attempted an Ocean’s 11-like heist: trying to be black. It’s also not an American event; Canada has also had their share of white people faking indigenous bloodlines


So, what’s the latest episode of cultural appropriation by woke white women? It’s a California professor who finally confessed that she’s just a white woman whose been falsely living as a Native American, even writing multiple works about such issues (via NY Post): 

A California professor who claimed she was Native American for her entire life has revealed she is white, apologizing for breaking the trust of the Native communities she lived alongside. 

Elizabeth Hoover, an associate professor in the environmental science and policy management department at UC Berkeley, said she “incorrectly identified” herself based on “incomplete information,” according to a statement posted to her personal website on Monday. 

“In uncritically living an identity based on family stories without seeking out a documented connection to these communities, I caused harm,” Hoover said. 

Hoover, who has published books and articles about Native American food sovereignty and other issues, said she never had proper documentation to confirm or dispute her claims of being Native American. 

“Growing up I did not question who I was told I was, or how I identified,” Hoover said. “But as an adult, as an academic, I should have done my due diligence to confirm that my ancestors were who I was told they were.”

It’s now excusable. An educated woman like this was unaware of her real identity, or did she feel she could get away with it? College faculty know what’s happening in current events; she had to know about Warren and her equally bogus claims to justify her fake Cherokee membership. Writing about Native American issues and food isn’t the problem—anyone can do that—but Hoover did so under the facade that she was a full-fledged member of some tribe. That’s the sickness here with the Left. They feel you must be part of a specific racial group to say or do anything about it. An Asian person can’t be an aficionado of Mexican food, but that’s never an issue. It remains these college-educated whites from liberal settings which continue to be caught in race hoaxes, an activity I was told was cancellable.


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