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So, That's When We'll Know the Findings of Georgia's 2020 Election Probe

AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

The Left learned its lesson in 2022. I’ll bet that Democrats were prepping to use the select committee on January 6 as their primary midterm election strategy tool; they had hearings aired in primetime. No one cared because Democrats never thought the economy would become a disaster this quickly. The American voter couldn’t care less about some little riot when the Biden agenda torches their wallet. The political escape hatch for the Left was that the GOP had some unserious candidates, and voters were getting tired of the Trump moment. I’m not talking about base Republicans, but a defined bloc of voters can and will block GOP candidates if they’re too rambunctious. 


Right now, it’s about character assassination heading in 2024. With Trump being the undisputed frontrunner, Democrats are playing a clever game: slap Trump with endless legal actions, construct a timeline to keep the scandalous nature in the news cycle, and hope this will coalesce GOP support around him. 

They want Trump to be the 2024 nominee, feeling he’s the easiest to defeat. Unlike the January 6 select committee, this won’t be a one-stop shop but a franchise. The former president is facing a Justice Department probe about the 2020 election. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg indicted Mr. Trump over the hush money arrangement with Stormy Daniels. The E. Jean Carroll defamation trial is ongoing, and Georgia’s 2020 election interference investigation will release its findings this summer (via Reuters): 

Georgia prosecutors will reveal this summer whether former President Donald Trump will be charged with crimes related to interfering with the 2020 election, the Atlanta district attorney said on Monday, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis in letters sent to local law enforcement agencies said she would disclose charging decisions sometime during the Fulton County Superior Court's summer term, which begins on July 11 and concludes on Sept. 1, the newspaper reported. 

The letters, which the paper reported were sent to the Atlanta police chief, the county sheriff and the county emergency management director, were intended to give law enforcement enough time to prepare for possible violence. Willis warned that the announcement would likely "provoke a significant public reaction," according to a copy of the letter posted online by the newspaper. 

A spokesperson for Willis did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


Again, keep the focus on Trump’s legal drama, stain the candidate, and destroy him via death by a thousand cuts. In many ways, it worked, with the Russian collusion hoax inflicting serious damage to the administration that culminated with Trump’s 2020 election defeat. 

Expect more politically biased legal mayhem this year. 

The Georgia investigation should have a probe into their professionalism and impartiality since their forewoman, Emily Kohrs, went on a reckless and unhinged interview tour on the networks, where she undeniably damaged the investigation’s integrity. There were allegations of ice cream parties with prosecutors. The optics were so bad that even CNN hosts and contributors questioned what Kohrs was doing on television.

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