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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

We have another Biden administration scandal, but will it pick up steam, or will it be relegated to the back shelf, along with the border crisis, our failing international agenda, a transportation secretary who doesn’t know what he’s doing, high inflation, or our looming banking crisis?  In some ways, the Biden White House’s systemic incompetence and Joe’s uncanny ability to “f**k things up,” to quote Obama, has provided some protection. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre describes this administration's position in ways you can’t even understand. With the liberal media’s inherent bias, most reporters shrug and ignore the clown show occupying the building.   


So, when our top diplomat is caught lying, does this make at least the front page of The Washington Post? Secretary of State Antony Blinken could be facing inquiries after it was revealed that he may have lied in front of Congress regarding any contact with Joe’s crack cocaine-addicted son, Hunter. Blinken, who has been a no-show member of this administration, possibly due to his default position of being a deer in the headlights, was sure active behind the scenes of the 2020 election, being a core member of the cadre of intelligence officials who drafted a letter assuring the public that Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation. As you already know, it wasn’t: 

It was a bombshell story—the drug-addicted son of a presidential candidate abandoned a laptop with salacious photos and videos, but also with possibly incriminating information again the candidate himself and his dubious financial dealings. It was, of course, the New York Post exclusive regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop that he left in a Delaware repair shop.

With just weeks to go before the 2020 election, mainstream news outlets, big tech and much of the intelligence community censored, ignored, and tried to discredit the story. Fifty-one active and retired intelligence “experts” signed a letter in which they claimed that the laptop story “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.” They have never issued a formal apology or retraction for that falsehood to this day. 

But who put them up to it? Turns out it was now-Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who at the time was the Biden campaign’s foreign affairs adviser. As Republicans had promised, former acting CIA Director Mike Morell testified this week before the House Judiciary Committee… 


…Morell was “identified as a potential CIA director under Biden.” Meaning, if you get a call to do a favor for the Biden campaign, you do it if you want a plum administration post. The second thing to notice is that he says he did it because he “wanted him to win the election,” not because he believed the story was misinformation.


Morell drafted a letter to influence an election; what else is new from the Deep State? But back to Blinken, it’s never a good thing when one of America’s finest liars, disgraced ex-FBI Agent Peter Strzok, opts to give a lesson on gaslighting and doublespeak with former CNN host Chris Cuomo. In this segment, Strzok tries to defend Mr. Blinken by creating tiers for lying, all done to give Democrats political cover, no less. 

“There’s a difference between catching somebody in a criminal act and catching them in a politically problematic act," he said regarding the Blinken fallout. 

This man was fired in disgrace by the FBI. The agent who green-lit the spy operation in the Trump campaign—Crossfire Hurricane—which was part of the larger counterintelligence probe into the former president and evolved into the even more absurd special counsel investigation under Robert Mueller. Strzok was infamously known for his extramarital tryst with bureau lawyer Lisa Page, whose communications were made public. This included tens of thousands of texts soaked in anti-Trump bias that embarrassed the FBI and tarnished its reputation as a professional, impartial, and apolitical investigative agency. 


Strzok promised Page that the FBI would “stop” Trump from becoming president, so he obviously empathizes with Blinken probably. They’re cut from the same cloth. When Strzok’s affair with Page was discovered, he was demoted to the human resources department of the FBI. The once top-ranking counter-intelligence official had become the poster boy for the anti-Trump resistance that infested the halls of the Department of Justice. So, if I were Blinken, maybe don't take advice from this guy.

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