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I’ve never thought the hosts of the left-wing program The Young Turks would fire inside the ship, but here we are, thanks to an overdue recognition that many on their side have lost the plot. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian have voiced opinions contrary to the left-wing narratives overtaking the progressive movement. Kasparian, a noted leftist, drew her line in the sand with these semantic exercises, torching her side’s crass erasure of womanhood


There is no such thing as birthing people, and she did not hide that she won’t negotiate on this issue. These are biological facts, and if people want to disagree—they can. Kasparian was being based, and some have come after her, albeit mostly on social media. There were always going to be trolls who reacted negatively to her position, which led to Uygur coming in to offer his co-host support, but also remind liberals that this psychobabble is what helps the GOP win elections. 

It is refreshing that at least some left-wingers aren’t totally insane, though their political opinions remain atrocious. Uygur’s social media spats with detractors centered on what has already been said: that the language used by the far-left clowns is alienating and won’t help Democrats win elections (via Daily Caller): 

Left-wing political commentator Cenk Uygur expressed frustration Tuesday with “left-wing extremists” whose positions, he claimed, help Republicans win elections by alienating voters. 

Uygur, founder and CEO of progressive YouTube network “The Young Turks,” was responding to left-wing backlash to co-host Ana Kasparian’s objection to the activist term “birthing person.” 


“Ana posted the most innocuous tweet of all time, which now a lot of you are saying was perfectly normal. Then leftists lost their shit and started saying it was an attack against trans people, etc. There is absolutely no question about who started this and made an enormous deal out of it,” Uygur said as part of his exchange with Vigeland. She questioned his concern about the language the left uses and whether it is relevant to the electorate.


 “Left-wing extremists help right-wing so much! 66% of this country is left-wing, according to polling on policy issues,” he claimed. “They don't believe in defunding the police or being called Latinx or calling women ‘birthing people’ or abolishing prisons. Anyone who claims they do is lying.” 

The first part is highly suspect since most Americans supported Donald Trump’s domestic agenda and hated the man. But he is right about people using “Latinx” and “birthing people.” they’re nuts, and those who appear to use that vernacular are some of the most abrasive and condescending folks in America—almost all of them urban-based rich, white liberals who have nothing better to do. 

Cenk’s tweets weren’t without pushback either, with some former Young Turks staffers weighing in:


This debate will be ongoing since those on the other side would argue that the GOP didn’t really win the 2022 midterms, which is true, and they just retook the Wisconsin Supreme Court, a pivotal statewide race. Is the Left really losing? Law and order issues aren’t resonating with voters as it should, so as of now, as annoying as it may be, the Left has the edge.


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