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Vivian Jones/Tennessean

It might have been harsh, but these are the Left’s rules. When you engage in armed rebellion against the country, you get punished. You should be expelled when you’re a sitting member of the legislature. By ‘armed rebellion,’ I mean saying or doing anything that makes these precious liberal snowflakes upset. Tennessee is reeling from the heinous school shooting at a private Christian school committed by a transgender mass killer, Audrey Hale, a biological female who identified as male. Hale killed six people, including three children. Due to the description of the school shooter, the media has run away from the story faster than a road runner. Hale committed this violent act of mayhem on March 27, followed by mass unrest at the state capitol three days later, where scores of anti-gun and transgender rights activists stormed the building. 


Tennessee Republicans, who hold a supermajority in the House, proposed a resolution to expel three state Democrats for their role, an act that hasn’t happened since the American Civil War. The capitol again devolved into mayhem when the resolution was proposed; police had to escort some of the rabble out of the gallery. There was no backing down from the state GOP, however, and these three Democrats could be gone soon (via Politico): 

The Tennessee state House will decide Thursday whether to expel three Democratic members for joining gun violence protests inside the Capitol, a high stakes vote that has captured national attention for its unusual partisanship. 

Three representatives are under threat of being removed from office by their GOP counterparts for participating in a gun violence protest last week in the aftermath of a school shooting that left multiple people dead. 

Reps. Gloria Johnson, Justin Jones and Justin Pearson approached the lectern last week without being called on by House GOP leadership and toted a bullhorn to lead chants on the House floor, a stunt that temporarily suspended legislative business. House Speaker Cameron Sexton later likened their behavior to “an insurrection.” 

Ahead of Thursday’s vote, tensions appeared high among lawmakers as they debated separate legislation, including a school safety bill that would require every school to have a resource officer or security guard. Members of the public filled the galleries and hallways to observe the session. 


We’ll keep you updated.

UPDATE: Democratic Rep. Justin Jones has been expelled. The two other representatives facing expulsion, Gloria Johnson and Justin Pearson, will likely meet the same fate later today.

UPDATE II: Rep. Gloria Johnson survives expulsion vote.


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