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AP Photo/John Amis

Nashville, Tennessee, is still reeling from the horrific shooting at the Covenant School, which left six people dead, three of whom were children. The private Christian school was targeted by Audrey Hale, whom we’ve learned was transgender. Hale was shot and killed by police in the attack, but he, Hale identified with male pronouns, was armed with two AR-15-style rifles. This story would have dominated the news cycle for days if this were any other situation, like Hale being a white guy.


Instead, it’s a situation where the Left can’t score major political points or hurl trite talking points about gun control. Networks are running for the exits over this story, though social media will have plenty of bad takes that will marinate for weeks. Hale felt there was no other way to be seen unless she killed some people. That’s not healthy; that’s mental illness (via Fox News): 

A radical transgender group said the transgender Nashville shooter felt "no other effective way to be seen" than killing six people at a private Presbyterian school. 

The Trans Resistance Network (TRN), a far-left transgender "collective," released an inflammatory statement on Monday in the wake of the Covenant School shooting by transgender woman Audrey Hale in Nashville that killed three nine-year-olds and three adults. 

Calling the mass murder a dual "tragedy," the group wrote the first was the deaths of the children and adults in the school and extended their "deepest sympathies and heartfelt prayers to those families dealing with the loss of loved ones." 

"There is nothing we can offer that will comfort the hurt, or ease the sorrow," TRN wrote. "We mourn with you." 

"The second and more complex tragedy is that Aiden or Audrey Hale, who felt [she] had no other effective way to be seen than to lash out by taking the life of others, and by consequence, [herself]," they continued. 

TRN wrote they "do not claim to know the individual or have access to their inner thoughts and feelings" but they "do know that life for transgender people is very difficult, and made more difficult in the preceding months by a virtual avalanche of anti-trans legislation, and public callouts by Right Wing personalities and political figures for nothing less than the genocidal eradication of trans people from society." 


Yeah, this is one of those bad takes that will be circulated on social media. The real victim is Hale—is that the take here? There is no excuse for Hale’s actions. Everyone has problems, those impacting LGBT folks aren’t at the top of the heap, nor does it create an excuse to commit a mass shooting. But of course, we shouldn’t be surprised that the radical Left is tossing out the ‘this is tragic but…’ statements in the aftermath of this carnage. 

What happened in Nashville was arguably a hate crime committed by an angry transgender who went on a rampage, and it should be given as much time as the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012. Instead, it will get the drive-by treatment for obvious political reasons.

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