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Paul Sakuma

This can’t be for real: The View co-host Sunny Hostin hasn’t gone grocery shopping since COVID. That’s insane. And with the show removing the mask mandate for its audience, how does she even function? The mask era is done, and it’s not coming back. for those who continue to wear them, a) you’re weird, b) stupid, and c) donning something science has proven ineffective in curbing the spread of COVID. If you’re worried about the flu, different story, I guess, but we all know why those who wrap their faces continue to do so. Their lord and savior, Anthony Fauci, said mask up until you’re dead. 


Yet, we digress. I bring up the mask mandate for the audience and the unjustified anxiety some COVID folk feel because co-host Sunny Hostin says she hasn’t stepped foot in a supermarket since the lockdowns. Hostin has also said that she deserved reparations because she’s oppressed wealthy rich black woman who can say whatever she wants on a television program (via NewsBusters):

Just last month, one of The View’s multimillionaire co-hosts, Sunny Hostin used her platform on ABC to insist that she was “oppressed” and demanded reparations from the U.S. government. But during a Wednesday segment where they were discussing the first-world problem of getting Instacart (a grocery delivery service) orders mixed up, Hostin bragged that she hasn’t been in a supermarket in three years because of COVID. 


HOSTIN: I don’t like a supermarket. I haven't been in a supermarket since COVID – for about three years. That's when I discovered Instacart. And I give them a big tip because they don't always pay their people well. And it’s – So, that’s been an issue I think for the company. But man, you can get toiletries, you can get fire logs, you know, those big Bounty towels you don't want to carry. 

BEHAR: Yeah. I order those from Costco. 

HOSTIN: Somebody else goes! 


There are no reward points anymore, Sunny. COVID is over. We’re all back to living our lives because it’s a virus with a 99.8 percent survival rate. I also wouldn’t be shocked in the slightest if she was lying.

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